barking up a storm

I'm a consultant, strategist, designer, and crazy dog lady.

I have over a decade of experience making projects work in the corporate world. Between developing products and coaching business clients, I got to work with very talented people along the way.




I quickly realized, that not all departments speak the same language when working on projects together. As a requirements engineer and designer, I specialize translating business requirements into technically functional and aesthetically pleasing user and brand experiences.


I'm Tanja.

My passion is helping people's businesses reach their goals in style.

While I can spend hours staring at beautiful websites and creatively composed movie posters, I truly believe that design must always follow one core principle: Purpose. A design has to solve a problem, thus we design for a reason. The challenge is to find the right balance between aesthetics and usability.

I love colour, white space, and seeing the right typeface used for the right occasion (while I will admit that the opposite is quite a bit more amusing). I have a passion for well structured business processes and transparent communication – which in my experience can be quite hard to come by!

I believe in working with a flexible team of international specialists, depending on the requirements of each project. At IndigoDesign, I’m harnessing the knowledge of a diverse field of experts, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with along my corporate career.

Creative projects come in all shapes and sizes. IndigoDesign builds boutique solutions to fit your individual needs.