Landscape Photographer Babuschkina

Alongside a new Logo Mark and Merchandise we also designed and developed a new website including e-commerce functionalities for the very talented Swiss landscape photographer, Babuschkina.

Thermomix® Expertin Kochfee Dessa

Besides designing and developing a company multi-pager website, featuring a blog with recipes, we delivered a full Logo Suite alongside Kochfee Dessa’s new Brand Identity.

LGR Global Trade Finance

Indigo Design creative agency mobile web design for finance

LGR is out to revolutionize the trade finance industry with blockchain technology.

In order to get their business off the ground, LGR was looking for a custom website, that clearly outlines their complex industry and services, all while appearing

Social Calendar Events

For the new website, we opted for a light and lean design. This concept is expressed by the choice of a fair colour palette of a muted gold, rose, and grey. We chose to combine an elegant serif typeface with a non-serif one to make the content stand out more. This mix is not only pleasing to a reader’s eye, but also represents elegance, and reliability – both important sentiments for a wedding and event planner.

We structured the new website in a way that draws the user in while also making it easy for them to get in touch with the company. The services Social Calendar Events offers are now listed in a straightforward manner, which makes for a comfortable browsing experience and higher conversions.

We developed the new company website to be responsive. This way the content and design is attuned to the different formats for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

We described the processes behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to rank high in online search results. For an easy start, we implemented the core functionalities of SEO Tools and tutored the company in how to achieve their SEO goals.